Wedding Photography Frequently asked Questions by Couples

We are frequently asked a lot of Questions by couples. Here is a comprehensive list of Wedding Photography FAQ's. We have tried to cover everything here, still if there's anything you have on your mind that is not listed here or does not provide detailed information. Please feel free to contact us!

Q: Where are you based? Are you open to travel for my wedding?

A: We are based in New Delhi, India. We have undertaken numerous assignments all around and have traveled to various parts of India. We are open to travel across the world to capture the most important day of your life. 

Q: How long have you been shooting weddings and how many weddings have you shot?

A: With experience of over 8 years. We have covered more than 150 weddings so far and would to be part of yours!

Q: Do you charge extra for out station assignments?

A: NO, we do not. Our core assignment fees remains the same. Only extra charges an out of station assignments will have is travel and lodging, which are charged at actuals or could be taken care by you directly.

Q: Do you shoot alone or do you have a team?

A: It totally depends on your requirements. I have personally shot a whole wedding alone and have shot a wedding with a team of more than 8 photographers and 8 Cinematographers and Videographers. We have team of experienced photographers and cinematographers who specialize in different style of shooting and equipment.

Q: We require wedding videography services as well? Do you offer wedding video or cinema services?

A: Yes we do, along with wedding photography, wedding films have also evolved over the past few years. We create beautiful wedding films that portray the most important day of your life in a most romantic way possible and perfectly complements your images. We provide all the services under one roof. The deliverables include a Wedding teaser and a short wedding film of around 45-60 minutes. If you are looking for traditional videos, we

Could arrange traditional Videographers as per your requirements.

Q: How many pictures do you give? 

A: Well there is no limit to the pictures that we deliver as we do not limit the number of images that we would shoot. The images that are shot includes candid and traditional images. Approximately 3500-4500 images are expected to be shot on a 3 day wedding. However all the images that we shoot might not be great images and could be possible repeats, so we do culling for you and choose the best images. These would be color corrected, exposure edited. As we said earlier there is no limit to the images but typically we are able to create 800-1200+ images in the final set.

Q: How long do you take to deliver the Photos? And how long does it take you to deliver edited videos?

A: We deliver the final set of images and edited film between 3-12 weeks from your wedding date depending upon the time of the wedding season as we could run into backlog. However, we start sharing images with you soon after the wedding so that you can share them with your family and friends. Delivery of wedding teaser and film depends on 

Q: What about wedding albums, Do you provide those? How long does it take to deliver an Album?

A: Yes. Absolutely! Wedding albums or wedding coffee table Books play a critical role in wedding photography and are essential. But then, books cannot be charged for initially as they come into existence only once the images are delivered, so books are not part of the initial package, you can order them separately as and when you want, if you wish to have them. We present the options available with us for books at the time of final delivery of images and take 3-4 weeks to deliver the albums upon the realization of the payments for books.

Q: What about a Pre-Wedding Shoot? Is it included in the package?

A: Pre-wedding is generally a personal preference, so we do not offer it in the package but can be included in the package for a nominal charge.

Q: OK, I want to hire you, what is the booking process?

A: The process is simple, Just contact us and confirm booking dates.

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